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Dawn Of The Interstellar Age

The story is set in the 2060s, thirty years after the last global conflict.

An international crew of exceptional human beings sets off — humanity’s first manned interstellar expedition — to explore the closest habitable planet to Earth, which is located in the Alpha Centauri star system.


Before their return, however, their journey will take several unexpected turns, both as a result of what they find on the planet and as a consequence of the reality of human politics on Earth.


This near-future ensemble science fiction drama seeks not only to comment on human nature and our current global reality, but also to stay true to real scientific principles and the latest research. While it is rich in scientific detail, though, it remains accessible to the average reader who is not a scientist.


Examples of this include:

  • the way that Relativity and very high speed travel affect the ages and timelines of interstellar explorers, relative to those they leave behind on Earth.

  • what really happens when a human is exposed to space.

  • the way it might look when traveling at relativistic speeds towards some stars but away from others, or when releasing all of that traveling (momentum) energy so that the ship can stop.

  • the nature of the electron, that it is nothing other than a photon of light traveling in a circle. This makes Einstein's famous equation E=mc   seem that much more intuitive: matter (m) is really just self-confined light energy (E), rotating at the speed of light (c).

  • and more...

And there is even a Glossary of Scientific Terms at the end of the book.


Some images: (click to enlarge)

Armed_Intrepid render 010_R.png

Ship designs: Mehmet Pinarci