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The Power Of Knowing How People Work


Our Instinct, Behavior, & Emotional Intelligence (A Practical Guide)

ISBN-13: 978-1522815075


What is Evolutionology?

Evolutionology describes how our survival instinct actually works, how it makes us think and behave, and how to regain control.

The Problem:

We like to believe that we are already evolved. We think we are civilized creatures because we are intelligent, but we are clearly not living intelligently. Our lives and world are filled with stress, anxiety and dysfunction. The reason is quite simple... even though it seems to manifest in many complex ways. Our choices are not made by our intelligence, but rather by our survival instinct. Our fears and emotions are behind our decisions, and every action we take is designed to make us feel safer. We do what is comforting, not what is right or intelligent.

Seeing this is a necessary first step in order to increase our emotional intelligence and to evolve consciously. Until we do, our inner animal will continue holding the reins and controlling our thoughts and actions, and we will continue congratulating ourselves on our superiority and correctness, even as our lives and world simmer in quiet desperation around us. Our lives should be our own to live, but most of us are reacting, not choosing — thinking instinctively and declaring it smart.


The Solution:

Evolutionology (Evolutionary Behavioral Psychology) offers a new approach to understanding the evolution of our behavior. It presents self-evident truths that can empower us to better understand the human mind, to better manage our relationships, and to effectively change our lives.


On A Practical Level:

FEATURING the unique "Evolutionology Quiz"


This book will allow you to actually measure your degree of evolution by taking the multiple choice "Evolutionology Quiz." It will give you an indication of how civilized your choices are, and the results will also suggest in which directions you might focus your attention in order to evolve consciously, and therefore more quickly.

Our lives deserve to manifest what we choose — what we want — rather than the default, instinctive reactions that fill us with doubt and drain our energy and self-esteem. Evolutionology points the way.

Become an Evolutionary!

Join The Evolution Revolution!

See How Evolved You Really Are?

The book is really outstanding.  Very, very smart, well researched, and I love the humor and personal touches.  I read multiple books at the same time but your book "took over".

Dr Leslie Kelman, Neurologist (Atlanta, GA)



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