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The Animal In The Mirror


How Survival Instinct Controls Our Thought & Behavior

How To Achieve Real Freedom Of Choice In Spite Of It

Publisher: Quicycle Press, 2020

ISBN: ...

The Animal In The Mirror  is about why we think and behave the way we do.  It is about what our emotions really represent, and how and why they influence our actions so much more than logic and reason.

Knowing the extent to which our thinking, as individuals and as a species, is guided by our survival instinct rather than our intelligence can be extremely empowering. The path to a better future leads through the gateway of this realization. The extent to which we remain oblivious to it is the extent to which our lives and world will manifest dysfunction and our progress will remain unnecessarily slow and painful.


Topics covered (and explained) include:

  • Religion: why we choose it, what it does for us, what the difference is between religious and spiritual, and why that matters.

  • Men & Women: why we choose the partner we choose, and why we act and react the way we do in our relationships.

  • Politics: why we choose the side we choose, and why we think the other side is ignorant, wrong, or even evil (when they are not).

  • Depression, Substance (Ab)use & Happiness: what depression really is, why we use and abuse substances, and how to see a way beyond it.

  • Science: what is and what is not scientific, and how we prevent science from being corrupted by our politics and other biases.

  • Animals: the degree to which animals are capable of feeling, and what that means.

  • Sexuality: the instinctive nature of our sexual thinking and how it manifests dysfunction in our lives and relationships.

  • Parenting & Children: how to parent in a healthy way and how our instinct undermines that tendency.

  • Education & Teaching: how to teach towards wisdom and an empowered future, and how our instinct limits our thinking.

  • Bigotry & Racism: where they come from, instinctively, why they occur in even good people, and how to get beyond them.

  • and more…

The book is really outstanding.  Very, very smart, well researched, and I love the humor and personal touches.  I read multiple books at the same time but your book "took over".

Dr Leslie Kelman, Neurologist (Atlanta, GA)



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