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An A.I.-Created Video Course For Educators

What if I wanted to use ChatGPT-4 to help me write a script for a video course for educators about education in the age of AI?

The operative word, mind you, is help.

This post is a follow-on to my earlier post titled “Education In An Age Of A.I.,” in which I suggest the importance of knowing how to “prime” ChatGPT in order to get a more sophisticated, substantive, or longer-form response. As a demonstration, I will first prime and then use the technology to generate the script for the filming of a video course designed to inform teachers about:

  • what is artificial intelligence,

  • how will it change education and teaching, and

  • what should the new focus and purpose of education be in the age of artificial intelligence.

Please Note:

If I were ever to actually make this video course, I would use the resulting script (linked below) as a starting point for a re-write. As you will see, it gets us a solid and interesting structure and first draft, but then we would have to take it to the next level in order to produce a really high quality product.

But THAT is really a demonstration of not only where this technology is right now but how to use it: It is a collaborator.

ChatGPT is not Google! It will only give you results that are as accurate and usable as the work you put in to get them. That is also why it does not (yet) render human input obsolete. As my friend Justin Kahn stresses, it will only render obsolete those who do not know how to use it.

So let’s jump in.


The first thing you will notice is that priming means, first, adding information for the AI to include in its answer generation, and second, breaking the process down into bite-sized units. We might summarize this as:

  1. Asking ChatGPT if we can give it input to consider before asking our question,

  2. Giving the input, one piece at a time, while telling the AI how it fits together as we go,

  3. Asking the question, based upon the input.

On that basis, ChatGPT designed a course that included an intro, 8 modules, and a conclusion. I then used separate prompts to generate the script for each of those sections, which I could then finally cut and paste together to create the script.


I compiled the prompts and the resulting script into a single pdf file. To see the document, CLICK HERE:

Download PDF • 16.87MB

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