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Killing The Greatness Of Peanut Butter

November 5, 2016

If your peanut butter does not look like this, do not eat it:


If it looks like this (Skippy), it has been hydrogenated:

Hydrogenation is used to get rid of that pesky oil separation that occurs naturally with healthy peanut butter.


Hydrogenation kills the healthy active enzymes in the oil.

Hydrogenating natural oils turns them into a solid at room temperature.

It occurs at very high temperature and pressure, and turns the oil into a substance one molecule away from being plastic!


Hydrogenated oils contribute to arterial plaque build-up, higher blood pressure, and even higher cholesterol as the body tries to heal the damage they cause.

Hydrogenation takes a very healthy food and turns it into a poison. Literally.


Do you trust those responsible for maximizing profits to make the best decisions for your health?

Do you trust a company’s PR department, responsible for maximizing the aesthetic appeal of a food product, to make the best decisions for your health?


That is what we are doing every time we buy a manufactured food item in a box or carton.

We do not want to think about it because it’s easier to avoid uncomfortable truths, especially if they have an impact on our choices and pleasures.


But as long as the peanut butter LOOKS nice, right?

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How Civilized Are The Countries Of The World?

July 18, 2019

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