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The Animal In The Mirror


This is a behavioral model, based in common sense, simple terms, and self-evident truths about the human experience:

  • There is an animal in the mirror, a biochemical virtual reality suit with its own built-in chemical imperatives to survive.

  • As a result, almost all of our decisions are designed to make us feel safe, not to be right or wise.

  • Which is why the world (and our lives) contains so much dysfunction and pain.

  • Fortunately, understanding what free will actually is, and how to use it, allows us to take the reins back from the animal in our mirror.

  • This knowledge is the (only) key to a healthy and prosperous future for our species. (And I am not the only one talking about it.)



I share this perspective because I think it enables us to better understand ourselves and our behavior.

It allows us to see the causes of our dysfunction, to rein them in, and to actually start using our free will — that gift that lies mostly dormant within us... as we react our way through life... from a place of fear.


We have the power to transform our lives and our world.

But we can only use that power to the extent that we see how our subconscious nature usually prevents it.


If we do not see the animal in our mirror, the animal remains in complete control.

And freedom of choice remains just beyond our grasp.


We are not yet the evolved creatures that we like to think we are.

But we can be.


Moving in that direction is the purpose of this site and the discussions it hosts.

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